Endermatic Cellulite Treatment: 7 Important Facts You Must Know

I’m guessing you are looking for a way to get rid of your cellulite. Is an endermatic cellulite treatment going to help you? Perhaps be your cure? Well, let’s find out.

woman wondering if an endermatic cellulite treatment will help

The short answer is this: If it does anything for you, it will be in the very short term. It won’t be long until you have to go back to your next session. You’ll be hooked to this treatment in a very frequent fashion if you want it to help you with your cellulite.

This type of treatment is called “endermatic” because the machines were inspired by a different, older treatment called Endermologie. In case you’re not familiar with it, it was one of the first cellulite treatments on the market and consisted of suction and massage. Originally it was invented to treat scars, but later on, it was used for cellulite reduction and has been ever since.

Endermatic cellulite treatments consist of fancy massages. The machines that are used for these treatments give your skin a workout by applying things like suction an vibration to your body in the specific areas that you and the professional select. These versions are derivatives from the classic Endermologie treatments – almost like adding a new spin to it.

The devices offer different settings and modes that allow the professional to adjust the treatment to however you need it. It can range from a very superficial vibrating and exfoliating session to a deep massage session that really digs into your skin, tissue, and muscles.

But are all massages the same? You probably know the answer. No, they are not. Even deep massages vary in techniques and results. The type of massage that works best for cellulite reduction is something very specific, called lymphatic drainage massage.

Not all massages are the same for cellulite

It focuses on the lymphatic system and works it in a way that more often than leads to a loss in thigh size (when performed on thigh; it would lead to less arm size if it’s done on the arms), and also to less cellulite.

There are many massage devices on the market that promise to reduce cellulite, but the truth is that the vast majority doesn’t make a difference. They are really all very similar too. Yet each one promises the dream: no more cellulite.

An endermatic cellulite treatment won’t reduce the dimples for long. But let’s take a look at what happens when you receive a session:

What does an endermatic cellulite treatment accomplish?

Your circulation increases

This is a natural consequence that comes from almost anything that is done to the skin. The question is the degree to which circulation is increased. The more intense the settings on the machine, the stronger the massage will be and the more the local blood circulation will increase.

There are many reasons why circulation is beneficial, and there is almost no downside to a better blood flow.

Your blood holds important oxygen, water, and important nutrients that every cell in your body benefits from. That includes all the cells in your skin. It will become a little healthier and might even glow a bit stronger.

I say almost no downside because, although rare, there can be risks to increased circulation from massage. For example, blood clots could get loose and that’s not good at all.

If you have a history of clotting blood or are taking any medicine at all, please consult with a health professional before any treatment. There might be a safer option for you out there.

Collagen production is increased

Collagen helps your skin stay tight and “look younger”. Because your skin is given a workout, the collagen bands that sit right beneath the surface of it tend to minimally “break”.

These small “injuries” to the collagen bands have a good effect on your body’s collagen production: it makes more because now it’s needed. Although it will not result in a big difference in appearance, its good.

It can exfoliate your skin

Endermatic treatments often offer the option of exfoliating the skin with a brush-like massage head that gently spins on your skin to remove a layer of dead skin cells from the surface. This also helps your skin’s glow and often also removes any waste that’s sitting on it as well.

The not-so-good news is that this does not do anything for cellulite reduction. It will feel good, but your cellulite will not see any changes.

Your skin will be puffier and you will see less cellulite from it in the short run

This is why you will see less cellulite right after your endermatic cellulite treatment. Your skin will puff up as an inflammatory response to the massage and vibrations. This is not really unhealthy, as long as it’s not done constantly. Just like most things in life, in moderation, it will be fine.

The challenge that this poses is that you will be happy in the short term, but it will not be long until it wears off and you back to your pre-treatment looks and feelings. This created a weird up and down dynamic, physically and emotionally.

an endermatic cellulite treatment will feel good but do little

Summing up why an endermatic cellulite treatment will disappoint

Well, it’s just not specific enough. Endermatic treatments are done for exfoliation, deep massage, relaxing massage, and more. With such a wide range of options, it’s no wonder that it does not offer anything more cellulite specific.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: The word “endermatic” comes from the word “Endermologie”. But the Endermologie treatment has not yet been scientifically proven to reduce cellulite. There have been several studies but those were not conclusive. Some showed good results, and others showed no results.

Concluding the endermatic cellulite treatment’s 7 facts you must know

The decision to receive an endermatic cellulite treatment is ultimately only yours. But I hope that I could shed some light on the shortcomings of this “cellulite remedy”, and that now you can at least make a more educated choice for yourself.

If you want to explore alternatives, I have found these treatments to be some of the best and most reliable options (click on the links to read more):

No matter where you are on your journey. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; there’s a way to reduce your cellulite by a lot. But not everything works for everyone, you just need to find the best option for yourself. Keep looking my friend, you will find it.

I would love to hear from you so please comment, or contact me directly through my contact page here.

Do you still have some unanswered questions about the Endermatic cellulite treatment?

What other treatments would you like to learn about?


Chinese Medicine Cellulite Treatments That Actually Work

If you’re exploring what Chinese medicine cellulite treatments can do for your cellulite, you’re in the right place.

Chinese medicine cellulite remedies

The average journey to less cellulite feels like a never-ending struggle for the average woman (myself included). We have to make sure we eat the right things, and not too much of them! We work out several times a week, we skip meals, we cleanse every once in a while.

And we loose a good amount of weight! But those dimples on the back of our thighs don’t seem to move an inch. You’re not alone, it’s what most of us struggle with.

What’s the solution that we seek out when we’re frustrated? Too often it comes in the form of expensive cellulite treatments that cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And results are usually mediocre at best. Often the side effects many patients experience are just flat out scary!

I’ve spent years researching what could really help my cellulite. And if you’re looking into Chinese medicine and what it can do for your dimples, you’re on the right track. By reading this, you’re doing exactly the same thing I did a couple of years ago!

You’re on the right track to less cellulite, and the best part, Chinese medicine cellulite therapy is so much more affordable than the expensive machines. This article is meant to introduce you to your options that yield the best results, in the shortest time.

So let’s dive in. Chinese medicine has several treatments to offer that all work on a shared foundation. Traditional Chinese healers believed that all health problems in people come from blockages of the natural life energy.

They called it “qui” or “chi”. The way this “qui” was portrayed, it turns out to have many similarities with the different nervous systems and the lymphatic system that we know today. The theory is that blockages in this energy system can lead to all kinds of problems. From headaches to cellulite!

While many people still dismiss the “qui” theory as nonsense, others are recognizing the power of Chinese medicine in aging, brain health, and many other fields. Personally, I’ve found it to work better, and more reliably on cellulite than anything else I’ve come across.

Chinese medicine uses many things to treat cellulite

The most important factor that is going to determine the effectiveness of your cellulite treatment is the professional. The skill that is applied to your treatment will make all the difference. When you look for someone to perform any Chinese medicine cellulite treatments, do your research. The 2 best ways to do that are:

  • Read their online reviews and look for the long ones
  • Ask about their experience, and where they learned

The four major practices that can help you reduce cellulite, ranked in order of effectiveness, are:

  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Gua Sha
  • Cupping
  • Acupressure

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Cosmetic acupuncture for cellulite reduction

This is my personal favorite. Cosmetic acupuncture is an acupuncture subcategory; a specialty that needs training in order to master it. That’s why your average spa or average acupuncturists will likely not know it.

And they might not even realize that acupuncture actually can help reduce cellulite by A LOT. The placement of the needles is cellulite specific and results don’t take too long to show. It’ll probably take some time, but so do most things that are worthwhile.

The good news is that it works for most people that give it a real chance, and it’s so much more affordable than the popular alternatives. It can even be relaxing and forget about nasty side effects.

If you want to learn more about it, click here for the full article on acupuncture and cellulite.

Cellulite comes from blocked qui

The Gua Sha cellulite treatment

It’s also often called scraping. It can really help you diminish your dimples, and it’s not painful at all. It seems like a very trivial way to treat the skin, but the real results I’ve seen in real women don’t lie.

This therapy can work strangely well. There are different ways of applying the Gua Sha blades, but the overall concept is as simple as it is effective. Your cellulite is most likely the results of a combination of low circulation, natural fat, and genes. Gua Sha multiplies your local blood flow and helps move bad stuff out like nothing else. Your skin will get very red, and that’s a good sign.

It’s effective, which is why Gua Sha facials are so popular. Here’s more info about how it can help your cellulite.

Cupping to suck cellulite away

Cupping therapy is not quite as effective for cellulite reduction as the other two treatments, but it’s still a good option. It will get you much better results if you let a professional “cup” you, rather than taking the DIY approach here.

Your skin might look like you cuddled with an octopus, but those aren’t normal bruises. They are the result of very intense circulation, and that helps to bring important nutrients to the skin that make it look better.

Here’s the link to the full article I’ve written about cupping and cellulite 🙂

Acupressure will likely disappoint

It’s the truth. I’ve spent many hours speaking with experts and people who have tried it for a long time. I’ve even tried it myself for a while, and it just didn’t work as well as acupuncture, Gua Sha, or even cupping. Acupressure can certainly help with a lot of things, but it’s not going to give you results that will make you happy and totally confident again.

I’ve written more extensively about it here.

Happy woman with great skin at the best

Final thoughts on Chinese medicine cellulite treatments

The bottom line is this: Chinese medicine for reducing your cellulite works. It will take time, but it’s more affordable than fancy machines. The most important factor in the success or failure of this journey is your professional practitioner. It’s by far the most important decision you will make. Please do your research and use the tips I advised above.

With that being said, go for it! You are definitely on the right track to less cellulite. After all my years of research, I’ve found that acupuncture is my personal favorite. But there is more than one way to get smooth skin and that amazing confidence.

Okay, that’s it for Chinese medicine cellulite remedies for now! I hope this introductory post helped you on your journey to fewer dimples. I’d love to hear from you, so please comment or reach out to me personally via my contact for here.

PS: There are more remedies like herbs, herbal teas, and so on but I don’t know enough about them yet to write about them already. But, I probably will at some point in the future 🙂

What other cellulite treatments do you want to learn about?

To your journey to less cellulite and more confidence,


TriActive Cellulite Treatment: Why It’s Not The Answer To Your Cellulite

The infamous cellulite. It seems like nothing will make it go away. Could the TriActive cellulite treatment be your rescue from the dimples? I’m sorry to say this, but it won’t be.

Woman wondering: Does the triactive cellulite treatment help?

When the TriActive device was approved by the FDA it was cleared for “temporary reduction of cellulite”, which means close to nothing. Temporary is a very loose term that could mean a day, a month, or a year.

The only sure thing that the word temporary communicates, is that results will not be permanent. The rest is open to interpretation.

In this post, I’ll explain to you what the TriActive cellulite treatment has to offer, and I’ll also show you why you have better options today. Read on to get closer to an actual solution for your cellulite.

Important: The TriActive and the TriActive Plus are two different treatments. The TriActive Plus device is a treatment that was created after the TriActive. It has the ability to offer additional treatments that the regular TriActive does not offer. Hence the “Plus” in the name. The plain TriActive combines massage, cooling, and laser treatment.

The additional options that come with the TriActive Plus are radio frequency, and ultrasound treatments, in addition to laser, cooling, and massage. Because the two treatments are very different, I am writing a separate post about the TriActive Plus soon. This post is about the first TriActive, so let’s dive in.

TriActive: Three combined technologies promise less cellulite

When the device was first distributed and marketed, it was one of the very first to combine laser with cooling and massage therapy. That was around 2005. Today there are all kinds of combinations of technologies on the market. But, don’t assume they really work just because they exist. In fact, most of them do nothing at all. Let’s have a look at these three:

legs against the wall and covered cellulite

The first: Laser treatment for cellulite reduction

Laser treatments for cellulite are very popular. And it’s for good reason. They represented a major improvement in cellulite treatments at the time. It was when Endermologie was the most effective therapy, and laser treatments took the market by storm.\

It was better, but mostly because the bar was very low. The American Academy of Dermatology states laser treatments as one of the most reliable options to reduce the dimples.

However, there can be countless types of lasers. The one applied during a TriActive treatment is quite gentle and will not burn your skin. That’s good, but it also does not make it very effective. It is just meant to increase the circulation; not a significant cause for change.

The second: Cold therapy to remove the dimples

There are many weight loss treatments on the market that claim to “burn away your fat” by submerging your body in cold temperature. Is it true?

Somewhat. Cold therapy seems to reduce a tiny bit of fat that is right underneath the skin. It only works where the fat is directly under your skin, so your belly, thighs, and but.

But who said all devices cool the same way? The TriActive cellulite treatment mostly works to cool down the skin that is being targeted by the laser and the massage. That helps keep inflammation down. But it’s not extreme enough to really make a difference in your fat.

The third: Massage therapy to fight cellulite

Massage is one of the most reliable ways to improve cellulite. The skin gets a good workout, blood flow is increased, and it looks better when you’re done. But results are only mild and very short term. Of course, that depends on the intensity and on the kind of massage that you receive.

The best kind for cellulite is lymphatic drainage massage. It’s a specific massage that is designed to activate your lymphatic system and helps your body drain fluids, toxins, and even some fatty liquids.

The massage that is performed with the TriActive is not as effective as the specific lymphatic drainage version. The one that this device an perform will puff your skin up, increase blood flow, and create a little more collage production.

These are all good things, but it won’t make much of a difference. Just be aware that the puffiness that reduces the appearance of your cellulite will only last so long.

legs in shorts with no cellulite

Expectations that you should have for the TriActive cellulite treatment

The treatment experience is similar to most other treatments that are performed in a medical practice or spa. A difference might be that, in a doctor’s office, your treatments areas will be measured and pictures will be taken for before and after comparison. A spa might, or might not do that.

Once you are laying down, you can relax and let the doctor or aesthetician perform the treatment. Depending on the area you want to work on, it will last between 30 and 60 minutes.

You should not be experiencing any pain from the TriActive device. A mild discomfort from the massage is okay, but it should not hurt you. If it does, speak up! Because the settings will be too high.

The exact cost of a TriActive cellulite treatment is hard to tell in a post, but know this: It’s expensive. A single treatment costs over $100 U.S. dollars, and because you will have to sign up for multiple sessions, you will spend several hundred, if not thousands.

And then you’ll have to pay for each maintenance session. Those are usually done monthly. It will add up; The minor level of results will not be worth all that money.

Studies showed extremely minimal improvements

In the most complete study, the researchers followed the women who had received TriActive. A month after they had stopped getting the treatment, there were no results left! How’s that for “temporary’!

These women received two TriActive cellulite treatments every week for 8 weeks. One month later, the results were gone. What does that mean? Don’t choose this as your cellulite treatment. It’s not worth it. There are much better alternatives today, and I have my favorites included below.

What kind of results can you expect from a TriActive treatment?

Set your expectations low. You will see very small changes, which will disappear before you know it. While the concept of combining things that work is a good one, the TriActive was one of the first devices to do that.

In this industry, new usually means not proven and not effective. All the aspects that the device combines are somewhat beneficial to your problem areas, but the intensity and quality of the treatment lacks a lot.

Just one month later, any results you might have gotten will be vanishing.

hanging legs of women

Final thoughts on the TriActive cellulite treatment

Is it worth your precious time and money? I really don’t think so. It’s an outdated machine that has lost its advantage. Save your hard earned money and don’t fall for the amazing marketing promises that are so seductive. They aren’t true.

There are more effective and even much cheaper options available. I will say this because no one knows the root cause of cellulite, there is not a one-time cure for cellulite yet.

Because of that, whatever treatment you choose will need regular sessions. It’s like going to the gym: you have to keep going to get fit and stay fit. You can’t just go once and be fit forever (although that would be nice!).

Here are my favorite treatments

After all my research and experience, there are the ones that have shown to be the most reliable and effective choices if you want to reduce your cellulite:

Cosmetic acupuncture. This is a specialty within regular acupuncture and professionals receive a special training in it. You will not find it at regular spas. The specialist I found has a small clinic and is not well known. But it really works, it’s affordable, and is relaxing too.

You can start reading up on it here.

The Velashape 3 is one of the most effective devices to fight dimples. It’s used for body contouring and skin tightening, as well as cellulite. It’s much more effective than its earlier versions, but it’s definitely just as costly.

I have written a full article about it here.

Last but not least, sound wave therapy is actually effective at reducing cellulite. It’s loud, but it works. It virtually sends shockwaves of sound through your cellulite zones and that creates a bunch of positive effects.

I’ve written about two devices that are good options: The Z Wave and the X wave.

The links to each of these treatments will lead you to articles that I’ve written. The only reason I have done that is that I really feel like, out of all the ones out there, they really are the most complete articles.

Wherever you find yourself on your journey to less cellulite, know that there is a solution for you. You just have to look hard enough and try different things (but stay away from the TriActive cellulite treatment).

I hope this post helped you and guides you in the right direction!

What has or has worked, or not for your cellulite in the past? What other treatments do you want to learn about?

Let me know in the comments or reach me directly through my contact page here.

To your confidence,


Decleor Cellulite Treatment – An Honest Woman’s Experience.

Many people are skeptical of creams for cellulite since most don’t do anything at all, and here I’ll explain the Decleor cellulite treatment.

Creams trying to fight cellulite:

Decleor cellulite cream vs actual cellulite

I’ve been in that place as a desperate consumer, I know what it’s like. Whether for good or bad, exposing the true nature of cellulite products and treatments is the core of this website.

Founded in 1974, Decleor is a very reputable and luxurious brand. The company has a relatively narrow range of skin care products, following the quality before quantity model – which I love.

The short answer to your question: This one does not do much for dimples.

It WILL give you a very smooth feeling and a better skin tone. If you read the fine print of the contouring cream on Decleor’s website, the brand recommends accompanying the cream with a massage. That’s for two main reasons:

  • 1) It will work the ingredients into the skin much better
  • 2) After the massage, you will feel great and probably see less cellulite. That’s from circulation and temporary swelling. It works in the short run but not for the long game; unless you add massage to your daily routine.

The oil and cream that are used in a Decleor cellulite treatment are also the same products that the company recommends for overall slimming. You can find their products in spa’s as well as stores and online for home use, in case you prefer doing things on your own.

Why does the Decleor cellulite treatment not work for cellulite?

While the company is very intentional and mindful of their ingredients, the oil and cream don’t get the job done for giving you fewer dimples. But, if you apply the products every day your skin will get healthier and gain tone.

I actually respect Decleor for their high-quality products, but a cream alone will probably never get the job done. It will certainly not meet most of our dreamy expectations of radical change. An expectation for a great change from a cream is just not realistic. Sorry. 

Simply put: To get rid of your cellulite, your skin needs stronger “therapy” than any cream of today can offer. A cream might be a nice supplement to other treatments, but alone they aren’t strong enough.

Results you can expect from the Decleor cellulite and slimming products:

  • Better skin tone
  • Smoother feel
  • Healthier skin overall

Results you should not expect:

  • Less cellulite

Decleor cellulite treatment in a Spa

A Decleor Cellulite Treatment in a Spa

Spa’s are so relaxing and my body always feels amazing when I walk out. It doesn’t matter what I go in for. What is not so great, is that results are very rarely long-lasting.

A Decleor cellulite treatment that’s performed in a spa will be a lot more complete than just putting the cream on yourself at home. Sessions most commonly involve several other treatments that are combined into one.

(If you read the fine print on the company’s website, they actually recommend using their anti-cellulite product in combination with a massage.)

These spa add-ons include scrubs, other balms, and massage therapy – the Decleor products are used too. The great feeling after is a double-edged sword because you will probably look in the mirror shortly after and you will see less cellulite! What’s the catch?

It’s a double-edged sword because it doesn’t last long but now you’re hooked to the spa! You want that feeling and the great looks back! They come from all the other additional components of spa treatments. For example, scrubs and massages increase your blood flow and will make your skin be a little puffier and glow more.

So you go back there, and the cycle starts from the beginning. If you have something important coming up and want to look fabulous – go for it. And if you love a good spa treatment – go for it too!

But it is NOT the ideal solution for reducing cellulite. It’ll end up costing you a fortune and results will last a very short time. Know that you’re going in there to feel good; not for significant changes.

Cellulite cream for home use

The Decleor cellulite treatment at home

A Decleor cellulite treatment includes two different products: Their oil, and their slimming cream. You have to apply both together and do that twice a day. Not the most convenient way to structure things. Admittedly, I would bite that bullet if it actually made a difference – but it doesn’t.

The company’s cellulite and slimming products have good online reviews, but the caveat is that these reviews are not really about cellulite reduction. Their creams give great glow and texture, and can even help healing scars! But if you really want to kick cellulite out of the house, it won’t satisfy you.

I have tried many creams, and they aren’t strong enough to make a real difference. Their advertising always makes them look like THE breakthrough we have been waiting for. Not true.

I like the company, but their cellulite treatment falls into the same bucket as all other creams, lotions, masks, and oils: The “not-worth-it” bucket.

Are there any warnings, risks, or side effects if you want to try it?

Depending on what you try. If you’re thinking of buying their cellulite products and applying them at home you have nothing to worry about, generally speaking. 

If you want to go into a spa for a beauty-high, please mention whatever health conditions you might have or had in the past. Complications are rare in these types of treatments because they are not very intense – but you still need to be safe.

Decleor products give more tone and glow, not less cellulite

Conclusion: The Decleor cellulite treatment

Whether you apply the oil and cream at home or have a professional do it: your skin will have more glow and more texture.

You will not have less cellulite. You might think so for a day or two, but that’s something called the Cinderella effect and that lasts no time.

So, is it worth it? Not for me. There are other things that I have seen work much better in removing and reducing the dimples from my thighs.

Some alternatives you could explore are cosmetic acupuncture for cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage – here is a link to a study about it. They are natural and affordable ways for the average woman to diminish dimples.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a sub-category of general acupuncture. That means that only specialized acupuncturists will know how to perform it. And regular acupuncture professionals might just give you a blank stare if you ask them about it.

If you’re curious, read more about it in this post.

Lymphatic drainage is an interesting concept that has not yet established itself as “mainstream” in the U.S. (where I live). But it works remarkably well for the majority of women who try it. There have been some clinical studies published about it that also showed really good results.

A good place to start learning about would be this website. (just skip to the results section).

If you want to give the Decleor cellulite treatment a try, please do it and let me know how it goes! If you might want a little more lasting and noticeable changes, read the links above. Wherever you are on your journey to better skin, I want you to know that there is a solution. You just have to look hard and long enough.

That’s it! I would love to hear your thoughts on Decleor and their slimming and cellulite products and treatments! Comment below or reach out through my contact page here.

Also, what has worked for your cellulite?

To your confidence,


Galvanic Cellulite Treatment – 5 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before

The galvanic cellulite treatment is like most spa cellulite remedies. The results it brings are very short-lived and you need to receive the treatment repeatedly for slightly better results.

Cellulite is this crazy thing that literally every woman fights battles with. There’s a virtual sea of companies and products that promise to be the next super cure – but none of them ever are. 

how a galvanic cellulite treatment works

What it is: A galvanic treatment is about applying one handpiece with a light, steady, electrical current that is negatively charged, and also applying the positively charged counterpart. By applying both charges, it “wakes the cells in your skin up”.

Usually, you’ll have a cream or gel applied to your skin for better flow of the current. That’s it in a nutshell. It doesn’t hurt (if done right) and might even feel relaxing. But these 5 facts about this cellulite treatment might surprise you, so let’s get started:

Fact #1: Galvanic Cellulite Treatments are not proven to work

Bummer, I know. But it’s true. There’s no scientific proof what so ever that it actually gets any results on a large scale. Many people attribute the enthusiasm of people to the placebo effect, meaning they expected a result so it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some studies have been performed to see whether galvanic treatments work, but they were too small and too inconclusive for any professional to recognize them as legitimate.

Looking at the fierce competition among cellulite remedies, that caught my attention. There are a large number of other treatment options that have actually been shown to be effective – or at least give signs of hope!

This one: nothing. The studies can be summed up as inconclusive, and are dismissed because they mostly didn’t use enough people.

While we see these amazing photos with these life-changing results coming from galvanic spas, we have to remind ourselves that not all marketing is truthful or accurate. The photos that are published by a company that has an interest in selling its products can easily be manipulated to look better.

This brings me to the next fact you should be aware of 🙂

Orange laughing at the galvanic cellulite treatment

Fact #2: The FDA does not like devices that use micro-currents!

If you go back in time you’ll discover that galvanic and electric cosmetic treatments have been around for a long time. Electric current was originally mainly used to treat athlete’s muscles, but then quickly made its way into the beauty industry.

With a high demand from women and men alike, companies created products for home use. People got hurt and reported injuries and other problems. When that happened, the FDA sanctioned several companies.

And that’s why the FDA does not like this particular group of products very much. There’s also the unanswered question of whether galvanic devices are medical devices – and would, therefore, need FDA approval (which they don’t currently).

Don’t panic, today’s technology is much safer than back then. The FDA recognizes electrical muscle stimulation as a legitimate practice but has not cleared them for any claim of body contouring, circumference diminishing, and weight loss claims.

You should always take the FDA’s approval with a grain of salt sometimes because they require extensive studies that cost a lot of money. This time, however, they seem to be right. Doctors also agree that galvanic treatments don’t do much for any dimples.

Fact #3: Aestheticians see improvements that go as fast as they come

I’ve personally spoken with 5 trained aestheticians about a galvanic cellulite treatment as an option for myself. The bottom line: THEY recommended other treatments (like the Z Wave) because a galvanic treatment for my thighs “would not be worth it”. I’m a grade 2 cellulite okay – it’s really not terrible. It really surprised me.

These ladies did support the science behind the treatment. It really does help in “inserting” specific molecules into the skin for better skin tone, increased circulation, and cleansing. It’s just at a rather small quantity and depth. It may work for the face, but it wasn’t going to do much for my dimples on my thighs.

I don’t know about you, but if FIVE people agree independently on the same thing it’s a sign!

What if you have a different opinion? (which is totally okay). Maybe you have someone who specializes in specifically galvanic cellulite treatments…you should know the risks at least.

Results come as fast as they go

Fact #4: Great news! There are almost no risks or side effects!

Yeah, it sounds too good to be true, I know. It’s really safe to have these treatments done because they only involve very subtle electrical currents. The most common side effects are breakouts, itchings, and other mild skin reactions. They are rare and probably come from the gel that’s applied before the device.

Electricity is nothing new to our bodies – our muscles move because our brain sends electric signals to them. But of course, if you have any skin conditions, health issues, or are taking any medication, please ask your doctor if you should even consider a galvanic treatment – for anything!

Fact #5: It’s loosing ground against the competition

Literally. There are much more reliable and proven cellulite treatments out there. Galvanic treatments are popular for facials because the skin is more sensitive and thinner, and facials are just a fun thing; it almost doesn’t matter how well a facial works as long as I can see a little difference.

But the skin where cellulite pops up is different from the face. Our thighs, bellies, and arms tend to have more robust skin that has much more fat and muscle beneath it.

So, while microcurrent treatments sound sensical and the science is accurate, it’s just too weak. It just doesn’t deliver consistent results. It’s a gamble, and you and I are better off spending our money elsewhere. 

There are lasers, acoustic wave devices, and even surgical treatments that work so much better for cellulite reduction. And if you prefer more traditional treatments, cosmetic acupuncture is also a considerable treatment (my personal fave).

Remember, non-surgical treatments condition the skin just like you constantly condition your body in the gym. It should be a regular thing for it to work best.

Other options instead of galvanic treatment for cellulite

4 better cellulite treatment options are:

Acoustic Wave Therapy: The Z Wave and the X Wave devices are very similar and work the skin quite well for short relief of the dimples.

The Velashape 3 is one of the best performing “fancy” devices on the market (and it’s expensive).

Cosmetic acupuncture can also really reduce your cellulite in a more natural way. It actually has some of the most long-lasting effects because it works “from within” your body. It’s also quite affordable if you can find a dedicated expert.

Wrapping Up Galvanic cellulite treatment – 5 things you’ll you knew before

After all my conversations and being recommended a different option by 5 different professionals I just can’t recommend a galvanic cellulite treatment. Here is a quick breakdown of the three main reasons why:

  • Results come and go with the blink of an eye.
  • There’s no scientific proof that it works.
  • There are much better options out there.

This might be a fun option for facials but I would stay away from it if you’re really hoping to have fewer dimples. I believe that you deserve the best. And you can really get a much better bang for your buck if you take a look at the other option’s I’ve outlined in this article.

I recommend you look into what I wrote about them, and then also do some more research on your own. I don’t pretend to know it all, so looking at what other people have to say too. Just be aware that most people will try to sell you on something.

Okay, this concludes the 5 things you should know about a galvanic cellulite treatment. Thank you for reading all the way until here, and congrats on your desire to research.

Look at other options because they have a lot more to offer against your dimples than a galvanic treatment – and there’s something for everybody.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment on your experience with the galvanic cellulite treatment below! Also if you have questions, concerns, or just want to say thank you. You can also reach me one-on-one via my contact page here.

What are your thoughts on the galvanic cellulite treatment?

To your confidence,


Does Endermologie tighten skin? – 7 Facts You Need To Know

Hey, welcome. Let’s get right to it. Does Endermologie tighten skin? – Drumroll please: Yes, Endermologie tightens skin. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. (And if you want to see results faster, I have some tips for you below.)

does endermologie tighten skin? the settings

You should know that Endermologie will not bring the same results as surgery – and it never will. If you have a lot of loose skin, maybe from loosing very large amounts of weight, Endermologie skin tightening will leave you disappointed.

A professional dermatologist will be able to help you much more. It’s better for mildly saggy skin.

Alright, moving on. This treatment has been around for quite some time now and some people swear on it while others dismiss it without question. Which one is it?! I’ve done all the digging for you, so here are 7 facts you absolutely should know about Endermologie.

Fact #1 Does Endermologie tighten skin? Yes, it does.

There have been a decent amount of studies on the effectiveness of this rolling-sucking device on the skin. Specifically on whether it affects cellulite, and what happens in the skin.

Here’s why it tightens skin and is often used for body contouring: The machine delivers a much more powerful and consistent massage that human hands can. Its kneading action reaches quite deep into the body and that has actually been shown to:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase collagen

These two effects combined can make you sure of one thing: Your skin benefits. It gets more nutrients and oxygen from the blood and that will make your skin healthier. Period. One study done in 2009 showed that the increased blood flow stays for about 6 hours! That’s good news ladies (and gents).

Fact #2 Endermologie is worse at removing cellulite and better at skin tightening.

The treatment really struggles with the cellulite. Many people like it, and many don’t. Doctors actually think that people think to see less cellulite from Endermologie because it puffs the skin up for a little while with blood circulation.

The bottom line: You’ll probably see fewer dimples right after your treatment, but be sure to monitor how long it lasts – that’s this treatment’s Achilles heel. All non-invasive treatments like this one need to be done regularly so that your skin keeps getting stimulated.

Tighter skin on the arm

Fact #3 Endermologie does not remove or break fat.

This was also proven by a study. The amount of fat that was in the areas where Endermologie was applied did not have less fat afterward. Circulation was up, collagen was up, and the fat remained the same.

An interesting result: Most people in those studies actually had less contour, or got slimmer. Even the ones that gained weight! That goes to show how there is a real effect of regular treatments.

Fact #4 Results come in time, there’s no shortcut, and it has its limitations.

You just need to give this treatment a try for at least four weeks before expecting results. That’s just how it is for non-surgical treatments. The upside is the safety and much less risk.

Many professionals recommend bi-weekly treatments. I would honestly even try 3 a week because you’ll know sooner whether it will work or not.

The better your body is in shape, the faster you will probably see results because it will function better than a not-so-healthy body. You’ll see results, either way, it’ll just take longer.

Endermologie has its limitations. It’s non-invasive so you will probably see some noticeable changes, but they will not be dramatic. You can’t compare it to the changes that surgical lifts make happen.

If your problem areas are mild, Endermologie sounds like a decent option (although I personally prefer other choices that I included below). If you really have a lot of loose skin this is probably not going to meet your needs. Just be aware of that.

Fact #5 Tips and tricks for faster results:

A) Immediately exercise after your Endermologie sessions.

Because the treatment sets a lot of stuff loose in the treated area, it really helps if you bring the rest of your body’s metabolism up. You’ll basically accelerate your natural detox and stimulation process. If your clinic or spa is any good they will tell you this too.

B) Drink A LOT of water before and after sessions

Water helps flush things out and helps all systems work at their best in your body. The massage can be quite demanding for your body (especially the first sessions) and water will help a lot with recovery and to speed up results.

Also, deep massage in general releases toxins that were in that area. The water will help your body get rid of them easier.

Fact #6 The risks and side effects of Endermologie

It’s a really simple machine and there’s not that much to it, but when there are complications, it’s bruises and soreness. These things happen when the practitioner performing the treatment does not do it right.

So, if these things happen, let them know and see how you can move forward. Maybe you can have someone else do it next time, maybe you’ll just switch to a completely different place – whatever suits you best.

There are some people saying that Endermologie causes more cellulite or made their skin looser. After all my talks with skin professionals, I’ve come to the conclusion that these claims are just not true.

These people had some other skin conditions, or that their expectations weren’t met and therefore it appeared to look worse.

It’s extremely unlikely, largely because the machine is virtually designed to tighten the skin, not to make it loose.

The moral of the story: Take a picture before the treatment, and then take a picture at the end! And see for yourself. You can also ask for example pictures of other patients. Some offices might have those to show you.

Check with a doctor if you’ve had any health issues in the last year. No matter how little it seems, ask about it and whether you’re suited for Endermologie.

Endermologie for tighter skin risks vs risks of surgery

Fact #7 Your practitioner is everything and more

Yes. The person who performs the treatment is literally and virtually the single biggest influence on your outcome. The machine is the same, and you can definitely help speed up the process, but your practitioner needs to have some serious skills for it to work best.

I’ve actually found that a lot of people don’t perform the treatments how they should. Once the patients went to someone with some real know-how, results were almost immediate.

So, please make sure – have someone with several years of experience and will real knowledge work on you. You deserve that, and nothing less.

Concluding: Does Endermologie tighten skin?

Yes, it actually works better for skin tightening than for cellulite. Studies have seen it really ramp up the local circulation and collagen production (which can naturally help with cellulite too).

Who performs the treatment is the most important factor and makes all the difference between no results, and almost immediately better skin tone.

But it has its limitations. I would not recommend it for cellulite, and it does not bring nearly as dramatic changes as surgical lifts do. It works for mild looseness – not more.

It’s also a continuous treatment that basically “conditions” your skin. Much like you condition your body regularly in the gym, you’ll have to condition your skin regularly with this choice of skin treatment.

Doctor says see you soon after endermologie session for tighter skin

3 steps you can take right now:

Step 1: Find 3 places that offer Endermologie for skin tightening

Step 2: Call the three places and ask about their experience with the device. Ask them how long they have been performing with it, and also how their overall experience with Endermologie has been.

The second question is for you to get a feel for how secure they are about the treatment because they’ll have to look at their results.

Step 3: Ask each place about their prices and for their bundle packages. These help save money since you’ll have to go in for several sessions. There’s no way for me to accurately estimate the cost for you, but you’ll get a good feel for it from calling the three places.

Voila – you’re ready to go.

PS: Since you’re looking into this, I thought you might want to read about some more affordable (and maybe better) options. You can read about them anywhere else too – and I think you should!

I’ve actually found that the X Wave and the Z Wave, as well as cupping work the same if not better than Endermologie for tighter skin AND cellulite.

That’s it for Does Endermologie tighten skin? I hope you enjoyed the read. Please drop me a line in the comments or via my contact page here. Questions, concerns, thank you notes are all welcome!

What are your thoughts on “Does Endermology tighten skin?”

To your confidence,

Cellulite After Pregnancy: How To Prevent, Fight, And Reverse The Changes

“Will this ever go away?!” Cellulite after pregnancy isn’t pretty. But I have good news for you: The cellulite you got on your legs, belly, arms, or wherever else does go away for the most part.

Whatever changes came from your pregnancy are mostly reversible, even if you’ve had some cellulite already.

shoes of baby after pregnancy

Hi I’m Ashley. I’ve made a commitment to honest and reliable information about all things cellulite because there is so much misinformation on the internet.

So the answer to the most important question, if it’ll go away, is yes. I say for the most part because I won’t make any fake promises. You will probably not get rid of it to 100% (there’s a chance but it’s rather slim) because the body doesn’t ever fully pretend like nothing happened…ever. But hey, you can get really close.

In a nutshell, for the best-case scenario of you cellulite after pregnancy you are going to want to take it from all angles. Here are the most impactful ways of getting rid of those post-natal dimples:

  • Good eating habits
  • Workout habits
  • Specific cellulite massage
  • Stronger treatments with ultrasound, acupuncture, and more (optional)

I’ve outlined a blueprint for you to succeed at using all of these things to reduce your cellulite after pregnancy in the most comfortable and effective way.

Cellulite that started appearing, or has significantly grown from you getting pregnant is actually a special case. I say that because nutrition and exercise can USUALLY only make a limited difference in the dimples.

But the interesting thing for pregnancy-caused orange skin is that it’s caused by your TEMPORARY pregnancy – which makes it more of a temporary condition.

It’s important that you understand this – because there will be sometimes in which you doubt if any of this is really working. So let’s take a look at the main factors.

But, what made you get cellulite during your pregnancy anyway?

Let’s get one thing straightened out. Feel thankful for the weight gain and for the extra fat, and for the cellulite you got when you were pregnant. Hear me out.

These things happened so you could have your baby. It was your body’s way of protecting you and your baby. It allowed you to deliver and create reserves in the case of famine. Granted, that’s not likely in today’s world – but evolution hasn’t caught up with that yet.

Illustration ofbBaby in the womb


Yes, temporary but very relevant – the most important hormones for the orange skin are estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen: These little guys actually make you gain weight. It helps in forming blood vessels, in the transfer of nutrients, and in supporting the baby.

Progesterone also plays an important role because it increases overall laxity in your body. This helps with flexibility, but also significantly contributes to the formation of the dimpling.

Natural water retention

Of course, how could this not help your cellulite shine through? It’s part of pregnancy, and like all other things, it’s for your baby. It just so happens to be that everything that’s good for your baby is also good for the cottage cheese.

Sedentary lifestyle

Many women adopt this when they are pregnant out of comfort, or because they think it’ll help the course of the pregnancy. Of course, nausea and all the other wonderful side effects of being pregnant don’t help – I understand that.

The bottom line is that not moving only contributes to a slower metabolism and weight gain. Let’s say its not ideal.

pregnant woman working out

How to fight your cellulite during pregnancy

Alright, so what can you do to keep the dimples at the lowest levels possible while you are pregnant:

Your eating habits affect you and your baby more than you would think. Whatever you put into your body is used as fuel for you or the baby.

To completely disregard this will not only make you have more cellulite and a harder time during delivery, but it can also have consequences on the little one. For it to grow the healthiest it can, you need to give it the nutrition it needs.

3 Foods to keep at an absolute minimum:

  • Processed foods. That includes bread, packaged foods, pancakes, etc
  • Wheat and soy. There have been a bunch of studies that showed that it’s actually linked to worse brain function.
  • Sugar. This also includes fruit sugar! So too many fruits are not good either.

3 Foods to eat for yourself and your baby:

  • Good fats: Coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, walnuts, etc
  • Leafy greens: kale, spinach, asparagus, and the rest of the family
  • The occasional meat – pasture raised only. Organic doesn’t mean anything. Pastured raised means that they have not been fed with soy and wheat, which would be passed on to you eating their meat.

Try to have a healthy moving routine. Many people have their opinions about what is best, but as long as you’re not doing anything harmful you should be okay. Here are some options:

  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Walking (even uphill)
  • Water exercise

Additionally, cellulite specific massages (legs/arms only) can be a good luxury to add. There are a lot of massage establishments who won’t treat you because of potential litigation is the case of anything – but someone experienced in cellulite-specific massages on the legs/arms will know that there is practically no risk and that it’s safe.

How to prevent cellulite after pregnancy

I’m not including creams or other treatments that use ultrasound, radio frequency, or other technologies because these can be harmful to your body and baby. You wouldn’t want these radiations or broken up fat to find its way into your womb.

That’s about it. The list is somewhat limited because your safety is the most important thing at this point. Before you make any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or additional treatments, see your doctor to talk about it with her/him first!

How to reverse your cellulite after pregnancy

After your pregnancy your hormone levels will balance out again, your body’s firmness will return in large part, and you’ll begin to feel better soon. You’ll lose a lot of weight naturally without much effort.

Let your body recover and ask about the effects of these options on the milk that you’re feeding the baby. If you want to be extra-safe, wait until you are done breastfeeding and then get your game on.

After you’ve spoken with your physician about anything to fight cellulite, here are the best options that I’ve found to work the best.

All cellulite treatments require a constant effort to keep it at bay because there’s no universal cure yet. Once you are done breastfeeding, some good options are:

Acupuncture: My personal favorite. It’s a way of stimulating the body’s healing abilities and helps with a ton of issues. And it doesn’t hurt. I’ve written extensively about it here.

Mesotherapy is most popular in Europe, but it’s still offered worldwide and it helps. Be very selective with whom you allow to perform it on you because that makes ALL the difference. Have extra-high standards. You can read up on it here.

Velashape 3 and Acoustic Wave Therapy. Out of all the machine treatments, these have the most noticeable results. They are very safe compared to the vast number of alternatives too. I’ve written about the Velashape here, and two popular Acoustic Wave Therapies here and here.

Healthy habits, regular exercise, and some cellulite treatments will all help you in beating the cottage cheese, water retention, and loose skin to the curb. Especially when you combine them.

Please feel free to do your own research on all of these options. I make it a point to be thorough in my writing, but I don’t pretend to know it all.

beware the yoyo effect to avoid more cellulite after pregnancy

A word of caution: Beware of the Yo-Yo

This is important. The yo-yo effect referees to the loss and gain of a lot of weight in short periods of time. Your skin undergoes a lot of stretching and contracting when that happens, and that makes it much more prone to cellulite and general looseness.

Be smart about your approach. It does not all need to happen at once – in fact, that’s an almost surefire path to failure. Instead, be patient and start small. Maybe just start with reducing your sugar intake for two weeks, and then start eating more veggies in addition.

Two weeks later, add some exercise, and so on. This will be much easier and you’ll kind of stack success on success – a great emotional asset on your journey.

Concluding cellulite after pregnancy: How to prevent, fight, and reverse the changes.

You got cellulite for your baby. It was just a consequence of your hormonal changes, along with your body storing water, and fat.

Your options to work on the dimples while you’re pregnant are:

  • Eat Well – this alone can be an enormous game changer
  • Get moving – Your body and mind will really benefit tremendously
  • Cellulite massage can be helpful – as long as they are kept away from your torso and belly.

Big and small feet under blanket

In addition to all of the above, your options to fight cellulite after pregnancy are:

  • Acupuncture – a self-healing stimulation. It’s safe and naturally taps into your body’s abilities.
  • Mesotherapy – a surprising amount of people speak well of it and are happy with their results. Especially across Europe.
  • Velashape 3 and Acoustic Wave Therapy: Machine treatments that tend to be more expensive, but do help in tightening the skin and diminishing dimples.

There’s no 100% sure cure, but now you’re armed with the best knowledge to get back to smooth skin. Above all, be kind to yourself and keep in mind that those changes are good for your baby.

As a final fun fact: Studies have shown that babies from mothers with larger fat supplies turn out slightly smarter 🙂

That’s it! If you’ve made it all the way to the end. I would love to hear about your journey and what you think could help you accept your physical changes easier.

What has helped you or others deal with cellulite after pregnancy?

Please comment below with any thoughts, questions, or thank you notes. I promise I’ll answer!

To your confidence,

Leg Lift Surgery For Cellulite: Finally A Clear Answer To Your Question

Welcome, let’s get to the point. This post is specifically about leg lift surgery for cellulite. You’ll learn exactly whether you should consider getting a consultation, or course correct to better options (included below).

What has made you consider leg lift surgery for cellulite? Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything else and nothing worked, I know I’ve been there. It’s not a nice place to find yourself.

Should you get leg lift surgery for cellulite?

A leg lift, thigh lift, or thighplasty (the medical term), will not help your orange skin. It’s not meant to help with cellulite. However, there is a minority of cases that can use a combination of liposuction and leg lift surgery to somewhat reduce the appearance of the dimples. But now I’m getting ahead of myself – your understanding of this topic will save you more money and time than you would ever expect.

So let’s start with the most critical stuff. If there’s only one thing you read here: make it the following.

Here’s why a leg lift surgery for cellulite will leave you unhappy

What is cellulite even? There are a bunch of theories out there, but the bottom line is this: no one really knows what exactly it is, and what exactly causes it.

However, we do know WHERE it is. It’s basically a part of the skin, which makes it a skin condition. Why does this matter? It explains EVERYTHING about why leg lift surgery for cellulite doesn’t reduce dimples.

A leg lift surgery will make a cut, remove some skin, and then stretch and re-attach remaining skin where the cut was made. BUT, because cellulite is basically a skin condition, you’re not treating it, and it really won’t change much from the stretch.

That’s also why leg lifts are not a cellulite treatment. It’s not as simple as stretching the cellulite out. Your skin will re-adjust after the surgery, and so will the dimples. Those suckers will find a way.

Plastic surgeons that I’ve spoken with summed it up this way: There’s a 50/50 chance cellulite will seem less harsh. And only if it’s stage 1 or 2 – stage 3 of cellulite won’t see much of a difference because it’s too advanced at this point. Thigh lifts are meant for sagging skin, not cellulite.

Do you want to spend thousands of dollars (U.S.) and undergo the risk of surgery for a 50/50 chance? With a treatment that’s not even meant for cellulite? I know I don’t.

You might be wondering how to know what stage of cellulite yours falls into. Here’s a quick and easy way to figure it out:

  • Stage 1: You only see it when you pinch your skin.
  • Stage 2: You don’t see when laying down but you do see it when standing without pinching.
  • Stage 3: You see it when standing and when laying down (without pinching).

So, odds are 50/50 and they are worse for anything more than stage 2…not very promising.

Not happy with the odds of thigh lifts helping cellulite

What is a leg lift surgery really for? Lose and sagging skin.

It’s usually a surgery performed on people who have lost very large amounts of weight (over 40lbs usually) in a short period of time. Good job to those people! Their problem is that often the skin does not re-adjust to the loss of volume. So some of it needs to be removed.

How do you know if you have cellulite or sagging skin? Maybe you’ve lost some weight and feel like your cellulite is getting worse from it.

That actually happens to people that get liposuction for cellulite.

(more on that here)

But it’s quite easy to tell. If your skin is sagging to the point that a leg lift would help you would not need to ask this question.

I’m sorry to sound harsh or overly simplistic, but that’s just how it is. Your skin needs to be obviously sagging for it to benefit from a surgery like a lift.

Can Leg lift and liposuction together get rid of cellulite? Chances are slim.

It’s a common approach that plastic surgeons like in order to get rid of the dimples. And it might help somewhat, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into.

The only situation in which this might work (might!) – is if you have mild cellulite and extra fat that is further BELOW the skin (not the same fat that causes cellulite).

It’s a tricky situation, and it might get you up to about a 60/40 chance of actually reducing dimples. Still not enough for me – and it shouldn’t be for you. Your confidence and your body deserve the best, not some slightly-better-than-average odds.

Again, this applies to cellulite stages 1 and 2. If you’re at grade 3, you will benefit more from option’s I’ve linked to below.

Leg lift and liposuction for cellulite rarely work

Side effects, risks, and other things you should know

You can avoid most complications by picking an experienced plastic surgeon. But here’s what you need to be aware of if you’re considering leg lift surgery for cellulite:

You will have swelling. The strong swelling should be gone after a rather short time, but some more subtle swelling can last up to 6 months.

You will have scars. These will get much better in time, but they won’t disappear. How much scarring you’ll have is hard to tell, but a consultation should clear things up a lot.

Your skin that’s been affected by the surgery will be VERY sensitive, and you’ll have to avoid sunlight hitting it for several months.

Bleed and occasional blood clots are not uncommon side effects. These should last the least out of all.

Like with most surgeries that pack a hand full for the body, the recovery period won’t allow you to do much movement, and you might want to have someone help you with certain daily tasks.

By the way, if you smoke, have diabetes, or any blood conditions, you might not be able to have this stuff done. This is a consultation thing, but make sure to bring it up (you should be asked about it anyway).

Is leg lift surgery for cellulite worth it?

Concluding leg lift surgery for cellulite: Finally A Clear Answer To Your Question!

Leg lifts are not for cellulite. And neither is liposuction.

If you’re considering leg lift surgery for cellulite, it’s probably not your first attempt at getting rid of it. But you’re not setting yourself up for success here. The absolute best case scenario is a 60/40 ratio! And that’s supposing you barely have any cellulite, to begin with!

Leg lifts really are meant to lift excess or sagging skin, removing excess skin. It does not treat cellulite – So any cellulite results at all will be very minor and not worth the effort.

Combining leg lifts with liposuction might sound appealing, but liposuction doesn’t tackle cellulite either. It will remove fat that’s below your cellulite. It can only slightly help you If you have excess fat that’s contributing to more enhanced dimpling.

Notice what I’m saying: Fat removed by lipo is a contributor that can make it worse, but it’s not the cause. I’ve written extensively about liposuction and cellulite here.

You will be able to accomplish the same results with consistent healthy habits. Liposuction is not your answer.

Would you invest in a business if your odds of getting a 10% return are 60/40 at best? The pros don’t – so you shouldn’t either.

There are better options

There are better options to explore. Treatments that work for many include mesotherapy, acupuncture, and Gua Sha, for example. If you want to stick to machines, the VelaShape 3 is very safe and one of the most effective ones.

There’s no cure yet, but all these help in reducing cellulite. They all include regular treatments because, well, our bodies age and are in constant change. And that’s okay – regular maintenance shouldn’t be a deal breaker (as long as it doesn’t take up your life).

I’d humbly suggest that you keep looking for more specific and dedicated ways to reduce dimpling. I’m telling you – there are real (and much safer and cheaper) solutions out there for everybody!

You just have to look hard enough. A starting point could be the following articles:

My acupuncture for cellulite article

Gua Sha and cellulite article

Mesotherapy and the dimples

The Velashape 3 and how it can help you

My hope is that you now have a much better understanding of leg lift surgery for cellulite and that you look for other ways to achieve your desired outcome. Hopefully, I helped you take a step in the right direction – direction confidence!

What are your thoughts on leg lift surgery for cellulite? And what has made you consider it?

To your confidence,

Fascia And Cellulite – Another Myth Exposed and Explained For Your Protection

Alright, so here you are – lost in the SEA of claims about fascia and cellulite. Does the Fascia Blaster really work? What is fascia anyway? Does fascia affect my cellulite at all? The answer is probably not what you think.

Fascia and cellulite can be related

I’ve really gone down the rabbit hole here to give you the absolute best information on the topic. Especially because of all the buzz around the fascia blaster product that’s gone viral (more on it below).

Turns out that fascia and cellulite are related, but bad fascia does not CAUSE cellulite. There are many factors that go into your dimples, and fascia holds far more power to itself than most of us think – myself included.

Oh, and yes, better fascia can lead to better cellulite. BUT cellulite is not JUST FASCIA. I’ll address the FasciaBlaster and how the wrong treatment of fascia can actually hurt your body tremendously further down the post…

What the heck is fascia anyway…

It seems like the new buzzword in the medical field, and in Spas all around. Fascia is essentially what holds our bodies together. It’s like a giant web that’s everywhere. Literally.

It goes through our muscles, our skin, our blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, you name it. It surrounds, separates, and is in everything from our brain to our little toes.

You know that thin, transparent stuff you sometimes peel off of a piece of chicken breast? That’s the chickens’ fascia (lol).

It’s actually only very recently come to the attention of the western medical field. Researchers are realizing how many injuries and problems can be traced back, and cured by correcting the fascia.

To give you a practical idea of how it works, just sit with a straight back on a chair. Lift one left up so that it’s horizontal like the ground underneath you.

Now flex the toes of that straight leg, and then allow your head to sink forward. Keep your back straight. You’ll feel the stretch in the leg and maybe even in different places of your back.

That’s an example of how fascia is everywhere – and effects everywhere. Fascia is also why a chiropractor can release a hip muscle by manipulating your neck, for example.

Fascia can be the cause of countless pains, including lower back, soreness, knots, tensions, and much more. It can even contribute to headaches and prevent healthy blood flow if it’s really unhealthy.

The most common practice to treat fascia is called myofascial release. It’s a manual treatment that works on muscles and fascia alike. It’s mainly used for pain relief.

You can learn more about fascia here.

Fascia connects our entire body

So, what’s the role of fascia in the treatment of cellulite?

Fascial and myofascial treatments have been used for pain relief for a while, but no professional really offers the services to treat cellulite…is that a clue?

Well, there are tons of theories about cellulite causes and treatments, and there’s no definitive cure for the orange peel look yet.

Alone that fascia experts don’t offer designated “fascia and cellulite treatments” made me wonder if it’s really that big a hit for cellulite. Wouldn’t it be a practice already by countless experts? Safe and sure results? They’d certainly get my money!

Fascia is everywhere so it’s obviously a factor. The increased tension or lack of health of the fascia in cellulite zones can make the dimples appear more than they need to. But it’s not a make it or break it kind of deal.

Unhealthy fascia can hinder circulation, detoxification, and even cause the accumulation of materials that should not accumulate. If your fascia is not healthy, your body is not healthy…it can surely contribute to cellulite, but it is not a major cause.

Healthy fascia can lead to better circulation, better performance of the lymphatic system, better transportation of nutrients, of water, and much more. Treating the fascia correctly in the areas where you have cellulite can only have positive results for it, and for the rest of your body.

Western medicine is just scratching the surface of this crazy web that’s basically holding our bodies together. Fascia is certainly an important factor in treating your dimples, but it is not the only one.

If bad fascia were the only problem to solve, yogis wouldn’t have to deal with cellulite at all (given their stretching, they have some of the best fascia overall).

There are actually some recent indications that the fascia is what makes acupuncture so effective. Acupuncture points are coinciding with the fascial trigger points spotted by Thomas Myers – a leading fascia expert. This might just be the scientific explanation for the miraculous effects of this old Chinese technique. Which, by the way, can really help reduce cellulite.

You can read more about acupuncture and cellulite here.

If you still want to try it because nothing has worked, performing your own fascia treatments against cellulite can lead to bruising and much worse consequences.

In fact, you can really hurt your body! Please seek out someone who is educated and can back it up with credentials.

Fascia and cellulite are not cause related joke

How to avoid hurting yourself with self-treatment of fascia for cellulite

There are tons of rollers and blasters on the market that claim fast cellulite release immediately. Well, that’s just a little too much good for my taste. So I applied a healthy amount of saltiness to those claims and looked into them – and into hard facts.

What I found is this:

These rollers aren’t all terrible, and they could actually help you dimples IF they are used by the right hands. It will not be immediate, and it will not be long-lasting. If you’re really considering fascial release to help with dimpling, at least talk to an expert about it.

If you’ve already gone ahead and purchased one of these rollers, here are the most important signs that you should probably stop doing what you’re doing are:

  • You’re getting bruises
  • You’re having some real pain.

Bruising from blunt force is not good. Bruises from cupping and Gua Sha are different because they are created differently.

(If you’re curious, here are my articles on cupping and Gua Sha therapy for cellulite.)

Also, consult a real doctor if you’re pregnant, or have or had any sort of blood thinning conditions or blood clots. Self-treatment can become very dangerous very quickly.

Enter the FasciaBlaster. What’s the deal?

The viral sensation that’s taken the internet by storm. I’ll keep it simple: I’d recommend staying away from it – at least until you’ve asked a fascia expert or doctor about it.

I’ve done A LOT of research on it (that’s an understatement) and there have just been so many negative consequences from using it badly, using it correctly but having side effects, and a ton of other weird stories that include lawsuits and even FDA issues.

The maker and business owner, Ashley Black, says it cures cellulite (amongst many other issues) by “breaking up” the fascia in the dimpled areas.

But fascia does not need to be broken up – it needs to be strategically released. The real experts also know that treating the specific area that’s bothering you won’t necessarily change the fascia in that area.

It’ll much rather show in a different place. It goes back to how the neck can release the hip. There’s no need to beat the hip because it won’t work.

If you’re convinced that it’ll help you – PLEASE let someone well-educated show you how to correctly use the FasciaBlaster.

Fascia treatment is not where it hurts

What about all the positive results from it?

Many might be true. But many have also been exposed as not real. The bottom line is that there is absolutely no actual evidence that it works for cellulite. No independent studies have ever been conducted. So there’s no proof.

Doctors agree that the disappearance of cellulite is most likely from tissue inflammation from the intense rubbing the FasciaBlaster requires. The tissue flares up, gets puffy, and gone are the dimples – until this (very unhealthy) effect wears off and you have to scrub again.

Complaints have been filed with the FDA that include severe bruising, menstrual changes, and more as side effects.

It can help to relieve pain, but it won’t really help your dimples. Save your money.

Wrapping up Fascia and Cellulite

There is no cellulite cure. And fascia and cellulite are different things. As much as I’d LOVE there to be one (trust me), there’s isn’t any yet.

Fascia is one of the numerous factors for cellulite, but it is certainly not the only one. And since there are no studies on it yet, I really cannot recommend it for reducing dimples. That’s the bottom line.

While cellulite might appear to be reduced, it’s really just inflamed tissue puffing up, and your orange peel look will be back as soon as the swelling goes away.

If you’re looking for natural ways to get rid of the dimples, something called cosmetic acupuncture is very promising.

Here’s the link to acupuncture for cellulite. In case you’re curious like me.

Don’t be discouraged. There are ways to effectively reduce the dimples (acupuncture Is my personal fave). And they don’t have to break the bank.

You can go through my articles about acupuncture, Gua Sha, and professional cupping, for example. These are all similarly manual and natural (without expensive machines). Here are the links:

Gua Sha and cellulite treatment

Does cupping make cellulite worse?

Acupuncture for cellulite

Fascia and cellulite are not cause and consequence

I hope this cleared some of the whirlwinds about fascia and cellulite! I hope I could give you a nudge in the right direction – cellulite CAN be reduced, you just have to look hard enough to find your best remedy.

Please let me know what you think of this post as I’m always trying to improve my writing. Comment below or reach me directly through my contact page here. I promise I will respond!

To your confidence,


Acupressure Mat Cellulite Treatments Explained – Telling Facts From Fiction

Hi there, looking into whether acupressure mat cellulite treatments are going to do the trick for you? That’s okay, you’re wise to do research on the topic.

Here’s the deal: Acupressure mat cellulite treatments won’t do much for your dimples.

It does many other things successfully, but it’s not a reliable cellulite treatment in any way. But it might be able to help you in other ways (spoiler alert).

women hiding their cellulite

Acupressure mats and cellulite in a nutshell

These mats have thousands of pins that press against your skin once you lay on them. That really does help the circulation of blood, but it does not do anything else to help the orange peel look go away. If at all, it’ll look a little better because of temporary swelling. And that wears off fast.

If cellulite were purely a circulation issue, there would be thousands of cures by now.

It’s just not that simple. Think about it – running would be the freaking cure if that’s all it took!

There’s more to cellulite, and acupressure mats just tackle one component. But, circulation does have it’s subtle benefits that can prevent harsher dimples in the future. So below you’ll learn what they actually can help with, and how you can get the most bang for your buck if you want to give it a try.

If you are tired of falling victim to misleading marketing claims, read on. You’re about to become a cellulite expert. You’ll recognize false statements from a mile away after you’ve read this post.

What is an acupressure mat…?

They are essentially foam mats with plastic spikes. The tips are rounded off so that they don’t actually pierce your skin, but they are very pointy – to say the least.

They are a western approach to the traditional Asian nail boards that mystics and yogis have been using for centuries. Mainly for meditation and holistic healing purposes.

These mats come with claims of pain relief, deep relaxation, meditative help, and include cellulite benefits. Most of these claims are true.

When you lay onto an acupressure mat, you have almost no other option than to give into the initial pain from the pins if you want to stay on the mat for longer than 10 seconds.

Once you give in, it becomes a very relaxing experience, and the brain releases serotonin and endorphins – natural painkillers and relaxers. While there have been some very small studies that showed mixed results for pain relief, many MANY people swear on it for that.

The recent hype about these acupressure mats comes largely from celebrities and social media influencers liking them. And then, some intelligent marketing did the rest.

hanging acupressure mats

Acupressure Mats are very different from professional acupressure and acupuncture

I want to make sure you understand the differences here. Laying on an acupressure mat has nothing to do with professional acupressure therapy or acupuncture.

The mats offer a holistic approach to acupressure without any specific targeting.

Professional acupressure, in the traditional Chinese way, consists of pressing on very specific points of your body to release tension, help with nausea, headaches, relaxation, and much more.

The key takeaway is that it targets specific points, to treat specific things. It does not work your entire back at once like the mat.

Acupuncture is a completely different therapy again. While the practices of acupressure and acupuncture share the same acupuncture points, acupuncture involves thin needles and tends to have a stronger effect on the patient than acupressure.

Acupuncture doesn’t hurt, and the needles are one-use only (At least in the U.S.). And it can be used to treat colds, headaches, pains, and more.

There is an acupuncture sub-group, called cosmetic acupuncture, that actually helps many people get lasting results in decreasing their cellulite. I’ve written about it here.

These are medicinal practices that have very specific techniques for targeting specific problems. They are by no means comparable to the use of an acupressure mat.

But I was curious what the hype around these mats was about, so I took a deep dive into what they work for an what not. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Acupressure mats actually help many people with the following:

  • Back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder tension
  • Relaxation
  • Hip pains
  • Cramps

However, acupressure mat cellulite treatments don’t work.

Acupuncture comic

Here’s what really happens when you lay on an acupressure mat:

When you lay on an acupressure mat, your local blood circulation increases because your tissue is under pressure. You might feel a slightly warm sensation while laying on the mat. That’s the circulation. It transports nutrients and fresh oxygen to all stimulated areas and intensifies healing – But it’s far from enough to diminish cellulite.

Once you’ve sat on it for a while, you’ll see the marks from the mat on your skin very clearly.

Once the marks disappear, for a moment you might feel like the dimples are less – very few people actually do so. If you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s because the tissue has swollen up from the circulation. Right now, your skin looks more even.

BUT it’ll regress after a couple of hours tops, and you’ll have to go back onto the mat to see an improvement again. It’s going to be the shortest improvement you’ve ever seen (lol).

(If you are an acupressure mat fan, or really intrigued anyway, I have a surprise for you below)

How and acupressure mat works

What the science says about circulation and cellulite reduction

I’ve done an excessive amount of research on cellulite reduction over the last few years, and I’ve shared a lot of it on my different posts here at mycellulitehelp.com

The bottom line is this: Cellulite remains a puzzle. Many so-called “experts” have their theories, but none of them are proven, and they actually vary a lot. Some people blame genetics, others blame fat, and others say it’s a combination of genes, lifestyle, hormones, fat, and more.

It can get very confusing. But here is the one thing I want you to know:
Blood flow will always be beneficial – but alone, it will not be enough to reduce your cellulite.

If that’s all it would take, biking, swimming, running, and exercise would all be cellulite cures! But as we all know, that’s unfortunately not the case.

That’s why the acupressure mats can be a nice extra, but are not enough to effectively treat your cellulite.

Also, there is no scientific proof of acupressure mat cellulite treatments working. None. Nada.

However, I promised a surprise above, and here it is: They can be used as a tool to work preventatively against worsening cellulite. To keep your cellulite from getting worse, and could potentially help in supporting other cellulite treatments.

I’m not recommending them as a stand-alone treatment. But the circulation can help other treatments succeed faster, and possibly prevent the condition from worsening quickly.

Acupressure mat cellulite effectiveness diagram

The Acupressure Matt as a cellulite treatment add-on

It can be a nice-to-have item if you’re already getting a cellulite reduction treatment and would like to supplement it. The reason I say that is because increased blood flow increases the likelihood of healing in the area where you’re receiving treatment.

Use caution and ask your current practitioner if it would be a good option before you buy one. Do yourself that favor.

Also, there is absolutely no need to spend $100 on an acupressure mat. There are options that are within the $30 range that get the job done just as good, if not better than the expensive items. You can find them easily on amazon.com

Here’s what I would suggest to a friend of mine if she’d want to try it out: Buy one for about $30 (U.S. dollars) from a merchant that accepts returns and will refund you if needed. Then give it a try for about 2 weeks.

Keep it if you like it, and return it if you don’t. No harm is done either way.

acupressure helping cellulite treatments

Wrapping up: Acupressure mat cellulite treatments explained

I do not recommend this as a cellulite treatment. It’s not reliable at all, and there’s no evidence that it works. None.

It increases blood flow – but that does not mean it treats cellulite.

Looking at what helps keep your body at its best, blood circulation is always a major factor – so it might help you see results of other treatments faster, and maybe prevent it from getting worse.

I hope this cleared the confusion over these mats and whether the cellulite hype is real or not. To be clear: It is not.

Since you’re looking into alternative ways to reduce the dimpling, you might actually like my posts on these alternative cellulite treatments. They won’t disappoint:

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Acupressure and cellulite

Gua Sha and cellulite

Okay, that’s acupressure mat cellulite treatments explained!

I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below or reach out personally via my contact page here. I promise I’ll answer!

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To your confidence,